Industrial heritage meets modernity.

The SANAA-Building, which is seen as one of their most important buildings by the SANAA architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, has been considered an architectural masterpiece with a ground-breaking energy concept since its erection in 2006.

During the European Capital of Culture year of 2010, both architects were awarded the highest global architectural price, the Pritzker price for this and other buildings.


The SANAA-Building breaches the architectural pattern of former industrial buildings and links heritage to modernity. The 34-meter-high building has a surface area of 35 x 35 meters. Its inner structure composed of five levels – four floors plus roof-deck – with differing ceiling height each is unique. The 134 window apertures seem to be arranged randomly, but are actually attuned exactly to the light conditions inside and appear like frames reflecting the surroundings as momentary extracts. 


Let yourself be fascinated by the uniqueness of this building and explore the different spaces for your events like symposia, conventions, exhibitions, seminars, fairs or congresses.


Folkwang University of the Arts has been using the SANAA-Building for representational purposes, lectures and theory classes as well as for symposia and congresses since January of 2010. Furthermore, it is the new home of Folkwang’s designers – housing the three study programmes of photography, communication design and industrial design.