Atmosphere and acoustics.

199 chairs upholstered in wine red, an elegant paneling in light maple wood, the beautifully restored historic stuccoed ceiling – even optically, the Kleine Konzertsaal appears to be a cultural piece of jewellery.

The two side wings next to the stage and the glass ceiling over the auditorium provide the room with width and freedom.

The extensible stage accommodates up to forty musicians, which is the classic chamber orchestra instrumentation.


Yet the hall only reveals its true grandeur on the first tones resounding: acoustics is unique.

The concert hall disposes of a balanced, transparent acoustic pattern and gives an impression of space making the listeners feel acoustically involved. Listening is pure joy here.

All of this was achieved above all thanks to the cooperation of Prof. Dr. Jens Blauert, Ruhr-University Bochum. It has been many years now that the scientist and owner of numerous global awards and the specialist field of “stereoscopic hearing“ has lent his expertise as a room acoustics advisor.

The reverberation time is that of renowned international concert halls.